Reigniting the Spark: Why Stable Relationships Lose Intimacy and How to Get It Back by Bruce Chalmer, Ph.D.

If you’re in a couple, and you’d like your relationship to improve, Dr. Bruce Chalmer’s  book Reigniting the Spark: Why Stable Relationships Lose Intimacy and How to Get It Back is for you.

Reigniting the Spark by Dr. Bruce Chalmer

Maybe you’re considering couples therapy, and wonder how it could help. Maybe you’ve already done some couples therapy, and wish it would help more. Maybe you don’t know what to do, but you just know that something in your relationship—your ability to talk with each other, your once-passionate sex life, your sense of shared values and shared dreams—isn’t working, and it hurts. Or maybe your relationship is fine as it is, but you’d like to explore ways to deepen your intimate connection. This book is for you.

You’ll find, in addition to a lot of ideas to help you understand your situation, a message of hope. Dr. Chalmer offers a unique perspective on the role of faith in relationships, combining his expertise in science and decades of experience as a couples therapist with his knowledge and love of Jewish texts and traditions. Whatever your faith background, be it religious or secular, Dr. Chalmer’s approach to faith as a key to unlocking intimacy will inform and inspire you.

Written in a relaxed, conversational style, Be Kind, Don’t Panic, and Have Faith will show you:

  • How your efforts to maintain stability in your relationship can, paradoxically, send your intimacy into a death spiral—and what you can do to turn that around
  • How to recognize the effects of unhealed trauma in your relationship, and what you can do to heal
  • The vital role of faith—not necessarily religious faith—in your relationship
  • Why forgiveness is important, but only when you’re ready
  • A lot of bad reasons to get married—and one good one
  • How to go from plain old sex, to good sex, to sacred sex
  • How to be your best self when your partner has been unfaithful
  • How to know when to call it quits, and when to work through the growing pains in your relationship

and much more.

Anyone in a couple, or anyone wanting to help couples, will find this book helpful and inspiring.

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